The Sirumba Foundation is a non-profit organisation with a mission to provide children from low-income communities with a high-quality education, enabling them to maximize their potential and transform their lives. we have a rich background with a need to impart , impact and change lives one person at a time. We are founded by the desire to help people lead a more Balanced, integrated and powerful lives. We create the future in the present through imparting knowledge and self awareness, coming up with programs which enhance sustainable living and peace and creating a Peaceful co-existence among persons and Environment.
We at Sirumba Foundation are dedicated in providing opportunities for children, young people potential and finding solutions to their problems. Its approach is two pronged : It recognises that in order to improve urban health standards, its initiatives must target both care seekers and care providers. It works at the community level to empower women and slum communities to be catalysts of change in their own right and collaborate with existing public health systems and health care providers to create sustainable improvements in urban health . We focus on Economic development, social and cultural development through our very interactive projects.

Our Mission

To develop creative and long lasting solutions for humanity in relation to education health and economic development and improve lives one person at a time.  Our aim is to enhance solidarity towards peace, and development, using education as a catalyst for community transformation and development .
We seek to optimize the health and well-being of each individual we serve.  We bring about sustainable, positive changes in health by providing an outstanding program of research, teaching and service – to educate the next generation of public health leaders who endeavor to discover, test and disseminate solutions to health threats and problems; and translate research into effective practices and sound policies.

Our Vision

Vision towards making a new generation.
Sirumba envisages a peaceful, transformed and a just world where the integrity of creation and human dignity are the pillars for sustainable development. We seek to optimize the health and well-being of each individual we serve. We, as a health services organization, strive to enhance the lives of individuals by offering access to quality, family-centered care and specialized programs. .

Our Motto

Impacting you, imparting you, changing lives.