We have a rich background with the need to impart, impact and change lives one person at a time.

Social development

The sirumba supports social development by listening to poor people and promoting their voices in the development process; understanding and addressing their needs, priorities and aspirations; and building formal and informal institutions Our focus is to provide education and proper health facilities to the girls. We work as a catalyst and try provide the basic requirements of life such as food, clothing, shelter, education and health to the needy children.The Educational and Social Development We give importance on providing better health facilities to the deprived children. We make arrangements for proper health treatment of various diseases. We make sure that a girl child gets proper education and medical facilities. With the support of our volunteers, we have been able to provide these facilities to the needy children of society.

Economic development

Global Communities facilitates the growth and development of livelihoods around the world. We encourage the development of micro, small and medium-size enterprises through entrepreneurship training, access to finance, market linkages and technical capacity development. Global Communities strengthens household resilience by rebuilding and protecting people’s livelihoods after crises and by building and protecting the assets of people living in chronic poverty. We also bring private sector-driven workforce development opportunities to rural and urban populations.
we create an environment for economic growth through establishment of various economic platforms among the middle and low income economies. our programs include; you can acquire is a position in the economic development department. Help discover and organize ways to develop small as well as large communities by stimulating economic growth as an economic development director or economic development specialist Establishment of village community banks, Agribusiness and farming, Real estate and affordable housing among others.


The sirumba Foundation is a private foundation dedicated to promoting art, science, and other fields of intellectual and cultural endeavor in Finland. The Sirumba Foundation primarily addresses exceptionally gifted young academics and artists in . The arts and cultures of the diverse First Peoples in this country are powerful, beautiful and growing, and offer perspectives that can inspire creative and provocative new discussion on some of our nation’s toughest collective challenges.
“I was taught that our arts carry the spirit of the people. It is through art that we know ourselves. It’s through art that we will go forward into the world and it is through art that our cultures will be remembered.”. we believe in talent development and believe that sports entertainment and cultural activities are avenues of peace of mind which helps in the co- existence of mankind. we have various sports activities and cultural activities for all ages.

Media Center

Creating awareness through listening and helping people find their voice.
Sirumba Foundation partners worldwide to create self-sustaining programs that preserve and restore sight. We support sirumbsa Foundation and strive to provide the most current, comprehensive and reliable voice health information for patients and the public.